Windows Refurbishment

There's more to maintaining and refurbish  windows and cleaning it - having fresh look and well-look windows matters.

Wood Patio Furniture

With our refurbishment service your patio furniture will look new again.

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Inspect your mailbox for damage after the storm:

1. Check your mailbox pole from top to bottom.

2. Make sure your  mailbox still on place and straight up or has any damages.

3. Check the ground around your mailbox.

4. Check for cracks or broken wood panels.

5. Replace your mailbox quickly if damaged by the storm.

Contact us for information or questions about these tips.


We can restore the look of your deck fixing any cracks and fading paint.

Mailbox Refurbishment

We offer refurbishment services for your home or business. Because no  two mailboxes are the same, many factors go into determining your mailbox refurbishment.

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We can solve all your MAILBOX problems

  • Basic Refurbishment
  • Mailbox Replacement
  • Mailbox makeover
  • Installation of new mailbox(existing pole)
  •  Windows Refurbishment
  • Wood Patio furniture
  • Doors Refurbishment
  • Replacement Wood